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About Restore Ministries

With the main goal of restoring Africa and building a worldwide network, Restore Rwanda Ministry (RRM) aims at uniting nationals and expanding ministry for God’s Glory. In partnership with different churches, Christian organisations and individuals across the world, we aim at reaching out to the unreached, the underprivileged and unprivileged to extend the word of God.

RMM is blessed to hold the following Ministry projects;

  1. With the power of the gospel, we have built and continue to build churches, train and equip pastors with all necessities to ease their work in spreading the gospel for the transformation of lives in several districts, many of which are barely reachable.
  2. We have built and continue building Christian founded schools to shape children (youth) into a God fearing generation. Many of these are orphaned children lacking the basic human needs like shelter, food, clothing, education etc.
  3. The survival of many local homesteads is based on women as the heads of these households.

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    By empowering these women, many of whom are widowed, through training and availing business tools,

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    we better the livelihoods of these homesteads hence enhancing their hope and faith.

  4. Access to fresh water is one of the biggest challenges in many rural areas in Africa where locals have to walk miles for a gallon of fresh water. We help drill and build wells for many local communities for fresh water and subsequently bettering their hygiene.
  5. For the purpose of evangelism, we hold crusades, conferences, seminars and counselling.

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    Through this many across the region have given their life to Christ.

  6. We have established Christian Radio stations for the purpose of evangelization and also win over the youth who are taken up by the secular world
  7. Through Sunday school, scripture unions in schools and several other child activities we have enhanced child evangelism.
  8. Like other basic human needs, access to medical services still poses a great challenge in Africa. We have

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    built medical centers, held medical camps and helped many access medical services as we carry out evangelism.

  9. For the expansion of the Lord’s vine yard, we have started seminaries and bible training centers
  10. We have also built vocational schools for many post primary and secondary going youth. We avail them with hands on skills that can enable them make a living and better their lives but also the sinful world.

These ministry projects have helped transform the lives of many people and saved their lives for a better future.


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